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Hearts for the Philippines

The Hearts foundation was established in March 2010. Our goal is to improve the living standards of the local people in the Philippines and to ensure that they have a better life and will have a better future. Through small scale projects regarding to nutrition, health and education the foundation wants to bring about a structural change, so that the people can build up an independent existence and can maintain it themselves.

The foundation makes use of short and direct lines with the local people and authorities, working with highly motivated volunteers and has an honorary management.

Giving with and from your heart is the notion we strive for.

We established our foundation!

Placed on 5 March 2010

After months of working we have finally reached so far. On Thursday 5 March 2010 our Hearts for the Philippines foundation was established by the notary S.V. Viveen, of Notea Notarissen in Hilversum. Now we can get started the real work. We hope that you will aid us in achieving our goal: Let your heart speak!

Foundation established


Notaris S.V. Viveen van Notea Notarissen in Hilversum.

Kamphuis & Berghuizen Notea Notarissen Zicht, risico- en  verzekeringsadviseurs

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