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Hearts for the Philippines

In 2000 we came to the Philippines for the very first time. What started of as a one time vacation evolved into annual visits to the Philippines. After taking a few round trips to the various islands, we found ourselves on the island of Marinduque. This island with all 229 thousand inhabitants consists of half a dozen municipalities, which in time and in different ways we have come to know. In consultation with local people we have reached places, which many people did not even know they existed. As one of the members of our management, the Philippine Feligine Buena, together with her Dutch husband spend most of the year living in the Philippines, we have built up a lot of connections with the local inhabitants. We have as many connections with poor people in the barangays as with those whom have more means at their disposal. The difference between these two groups is substantial. A rather large part of the population lives below the poverty line and has no form of employment. An employed individual earns about 900 peso per week (15 Euro's), with which they have to support their family. A standard family usually consists of 6 persons (4 children).

Over the last few years we have been trying, in our own way, to help the local inhabitants with tangible aid. Thereby meaning providing school necessities, supporting nutritional projects for undernourished children in primary school, but also one-on-one help, for example, in case of sickness making sure that the medical care has been paid for for (see our projects). In order to make our aid more permanent, we have decided to establish a Hearts for the Philippines foundation. With this foundation we are trying to give people in the Philippines a better life.

As we have grown to know many people on Marinduque we can ensure that the aid we are providing reaches the people it is meant for and those that need it the most. All projects in which we are involved are also guided by us personally; so that you and we can be assured that our aid actually reaches those in need.

Marinduque is known by the local inhabitants as the 'Heart of the Philippines'. We have locked this island and its inhabitants in our hearts.

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