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Vision and mission

Here in the Netherlands we live in such privileged conditions that we can really have a good life. We almost take it for granted that we have food and beverages every single day. We have a house to live in and enough clothes to wear and can allow our children to go to school every day and follow whichever education they would choose. Here it is possible and we also tend to think that it is completely normal.

In the Philippines there is very little of these taken for granted conditions left over. There you have to wait and see if there is enough rice left over to feed your hungry children. For water you usually need to walk to a well in a nearby village and after a typhoon there is usually not much left over from your bamboo hut. You do want your children to have a better life, but you do not have enough income for their education. This vicious circle in which these people find themselves can and must be broken.

The Hearts for the Philippines foundation has taken on the mission to improve the living standards of these people and to ensure that both they and their children will have a better life and an even better future. Giving with and from your heart is the notion we strive for. Through small scale projects regarding to nutrition, health and education we want make sure something structurally changes in the lives of these people.

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