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Rabobank Randmeren

Rabobank Randmeren gives Corporal Social Responsibility high priority. In the broad bankingplan and the plans from departments objectives in CSR have been included. When Rabobank Randmeren therefore learned of the initiative of the foundation they responded enthusiastically and now facilitates people and resources for the clothing-collection. With its 360 employees, the bank would like to contribute to the goals of the foundation in short (for clothing-collection) and in the longer terms.


Kamphuis & Berghuizen Accountants and Tax Advisors

Kamphuis & Berghuizen Accountants and Tax Advisors in Hilversum and Amsterdam fully supports the mission of the foundation Hearts for the Philippines. We know that the projects of the foundation benefit the population of the Philippines and want to contribute to this. We wish the foundation a lot of success in achieving its objectives.

Kamphuis & Berghuizen
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