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With every visit to Marinduque part of our baggage is full of for us old, but still in good condition summer clothes. We hand them out to people in the village. We have noticed that the people here are very happy with the clothes, because most of them own few to nearly no clothes at all. This is how we came about the idea of collecting clothes in The Netherlands and shipping them to the Philippines. In consultation with the municipality of Gasan the families which need the clothes the most will be determined. There are lists of these people in the municipality.

During our visit this summer (2010) the container will be sorted out by local people. By having the local people perform the sorting under our supervision, we hope that they realise that a service is expected in return for the aid. Subsequently we will make sure that the clothes are given to those whom need them the most.

We hope to run this project on an annual basis, because it is a quick and simple way to provide people with this basic life necessity. As we will be collecting the clothes and we will be distributing them we can make sure that the clothes reach the families that really need them.

In contrast to other clothes collections which take place in The Netherlands the clothes we collect will not be sold to the highest bidder, instead we choose to bring the clothes ourselves to the people without the intervention of any middleman. We will be paying for the transportation costs ourselves.