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Every child has a right to an education. By following an education one learns skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. It provides the possibility to create a future. It provides access to public services and helps to participate in local policy matters. Above all education increases the chance of finding employment and therefore the chance to provide for necessities of ones entire family. Children that have had an education can contribute to the further development of their country. All the more reason to make sure that every child gets the chance to go to school.

The educational system in the Philippines is such that parents have to pay a certain school fee for each child to go to school. Apart from the school fee parents also have to pay for the education necessities, uniforms and shoes. Every year children have to bring their own exercise-books, pens and pencils, the costs of which most people simply cannot afford.

In 2005 we bought little suitcases with school necessities for children old enough for school in the barangay Cabugao and we handed them out to the children. All these materials were bought on the island, whereby the local 'economy' was also boosted. The costs of our actions were approximately 3.50 Euros per child. As a result about 150 children could go to school for one year.

With education at secondary school or high school the costs are approximately 200 Euros and 600 Euros per year per student. The main reason for this has to do with costs of transportation, as it takes about one hours drive to get to these schools.

At the moment we are sponsoring 3 children in primary school and 2 children at college. When we have more money available, together with the local people and under our supervision we will be able to develop this further.