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Nutrition program

Nutrition program

The WFP (World Food Programme) is the world's largest humanitarian nutrition aid organisation. They provide nutritional provisions for about 90 million people per year in over 80 countries, including the Philippines. After humanitarian disasters victims are often dependent on the nutritional provisions of the WFP.

The Philippine people do not only need aid after a disaster has taken place. The undernourished people in the less accessible regions need continuous aid. The government has established a few offices monitor this problem. A good friend, Robie Sosa, is the director of one of those offices, Nutrition Office in Boac, and the corresponding factory. They have a nutritional programme that provides undernourished children till the age of 6 with a healthy, nutrition rich meal a few days per week.

We were given a tour of the factory and observed how rice, which bought at the local market, was cleaned of parasites and packed. By buying food at the local market which in turn creates local employment possibilities and boosts the economy. There is also a special type of rice-noodles made that is rich in nutrients and vitamins.

At the distribution points in the barangay's the children are weighed and measured. Together they are given the pre-prepared food. When the children reach their target weight, the additional feeding stops and there is a place for another child. It is meticulously noted which children have taken part in the program and which children have not. Results show that in comparison to the children whom did not take part in the program, those who did are clearly more developed. In addition the mothers are encouraged to grow vegetables on their own soil.

In order to finance the nutrition programme they receive a small subsidy from the government, but for the larger part they are dependent on charity.
In 2006 in the scope of this provincial nutrition programme we donated an amount to this cause. Later when we were back in The Netherlands in November we received handwritten card from the two barangay's thanking us. A year later we received this certificate with thanks.


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